Pikler Triangle Toys

The Pikler triangle is a playing device that uses children’s natural love of climbing to help them develop their muscles, motor skills, balance and other important aspects of early development. To get the most out of this excellent design, we offer a variety of Pikler inspired toys – starting from classic Pikler triangles of various sizes to climbing arches, swings and activity gyms, as well as transformable Pikler climbers that can be modified into various shapes. In addition to that, all of them can also be customized with various accessories, like ramps, slides and climbing ladders.

What’s especially great about Pikler toys is that they are sold in various sizes and some models even provide the option to adjust the height and shape. This makes it suitable for children of various ages – from toddlers learning how to make their first steps to 7-year-olds who enjoy climbing as a fun activity. For younger children, it’s a great way to test their abilities and learn new movements, meanwhile, for older ones it helps to develop their imagination, as the climbing triangle can become a fortress, a mountain or anything else they like to imagine when they’re playing. Because of that, you can be sure that the Pikler triangle is a toy your child will enjoy for years, instead of becoming bored just after a few months.

Whether you have a baby that has only just discovered their love for climbing or an older child that needs a safe and fun way to offload their energy, this is one of the greatest toys you can get them. Discover our range of Pikler triangles available for sale below and pick the one that your kids will enjoy the most!