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Home For Dreams was founded in 2017 to produce ecological wooden beds for childrens.We realized that the tree is a grateful material for the production of children’s toys and accessories, so we continue to expand the supply of wood products by introducing new bed models, new toys and items. For our customers we offer individual products. You can contact with us about making the product you need or making adjustments to existing products. We can adapt sizes, colours, accents, etc.

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*We export our products to all countries of the world.

*Only on the etsy.com platform, we have already sold over 1500 products.

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We make toys and furniture for childrens from high-end wood and use only ecological materials, eco waxes and eco paints. 

Furniture and toys are made of polished, high-end aspen or alder wood.
The wood of aspen is white, very durable and elastic, well suited for toys and furniture.
The wood of alder is reddish-brown, it is suitable for children’s furniture of different styles.

In the production process the wood is only treated with ecological products:

  • Treatment with wax
  • Treatment with colour

Treatment with wax

The wood is painted with ecological, baby safe natural protective wax for wood, containing linseed oil that is specially prepared for wood processing, colophony (pine resin), bees wax and composition of other high quality waxes, it has a pleasant aroma of honey.

Waxed wood surface continuously maintains velvety gloss, obtains additional wear resistance and water-repellent features. Wax prolongs wood lifetime and fills scratches. Just waxed surfaces inhere slight honey aroma.

Advantages of wax for wood:

  • Natural product containing bees wax.
  • Protects from moisture and dirt.
  • Ensures antistatistic features of surface (doesn’t attract dust).
  • Grants slightly velvety gloss.
  • Waxed surface is easy to clean.
  • Coating can be easily renewed, also locally.
  • Increases mechanical wear resistance of the wood.
  • Doesn’t form a film on the wood; therefore doesn’t peel.
  • Waxed wood breathes.
  • Has pleasant honey aroma.

More information about used wax

Treatment with colour

If you want we can paint the wood with water based eco paint.
Available any colors: white, green , red, pink , black, brown, beige, yellow, blue, purple, lavender and others.

We used Vivacolour Green Line Furniture 30.
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You will also receive instructions and required tools for assembling the bed or toys.