How to ensure overall children development


How to ensure overall children development

A child’s development processes start from being biological to psychological and emotional. These changes emerge between birth and puberty. Childhood is split up into stages; these stages include early childhood, preadolescence, and adolescence.


It’s a journey of absolute dependence to complete independence. Early childhood generally falls under infancy to the age of six. In this period, a child’s development is notable. A lot of things like first words, crawling, and walking are a big deal. Parents need to be a part of this development, especially regarding physical and mental growth.

Here are proven ways to ensure the overall development of children

Feed them right

The saying that you are what you eat is more applicable to children and young adults. While everyone needs vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, and other nutrients, children need them in different proportions. Children must be encouraged to consume more fruits, grains, and vegetables but less processed sugar. You may want to forget your pro-vegan bias and encourage your children to take diary products for their overall development. Feeding kids right will prevent diseases associated with food deficiencies. It will boost their immune system, prevent obesity and its associated health challenges.

Get them toys

According to sociologists, every human being is a product of nature and nurture. Nature refers to inherently inborn things, while nurture refers to how a child is raised. Parents need to keep all hands-on deck to nurture their children from babies to successful adults.

How best can they do this?

Apart from meeting their nutritional needs, children need mentally stimulating toys and an environment to thrive. It is scientifically proven that toys help to develop problem-solving skills, social skills, and critical thinking skills. They may also learn the value of cooperation, socialization when they play with fellow kids. Research has also proven that creative people tend to have access to creativity nurturing toys as kids.

Needless to say, a child’s toys need to correspond with their stages of development and unique abilities. It will be fatally stupid to give four-year-old children toys meant for ten years olds.

Like any other thing in life, too many toys can be overwhelming and might harm a child. Emphasis must always be on the quality of toys and not the quantity. Push-pull toys, ring slack, nursery mobile, busy board activity, and puzzles are suitable for children’s mental development.

Consider the Pikler triangle toy

The Pikler Triangle Toy was inspired by children’s safety and development. The toys comprise a variety of climbing toys, toddlers’ gyms, swings, and lots more. They are safe, easy to use, and foldable. It’s a good choice for young children that are still discovering their abilities. Multiple choices are available in our store under the pickles triangle toy section.

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Consider child-sized shelving and storage compartments

Readers they say are leaders. Building the love for reading in a child begins with baby steps like keeping child-sized shelving and storage compartment. A well-stocked shelve with children’s books will certainly instil reading culture in your children. The first step in this direction is to display brightly coloured books, preferably with images. As time goes by, the children will begin to associate books with images that spur their imagination.

When they begin reading, you can introduce books with stories into the shelf. With the child-sized shelving, your child is sure to be intellectually sound.

Storage compartments are useful for storing toys when not in use. Littering the room with toys can be dangerous; a child can swallow a puzzle, for instance. Children can learn tidiness early by keeping used toys and items in the storage compartment. Child-sized furniture encourages infants and toddlers to stand up and take steps all by themselves.


Tackle the fear of falling with rugs and floor bed

While it is normal for everyone to release fear hormones in the face of danger, learning to deal with fear is important. As parents, it is worthy to note that anxiety can set in right from the child’s early development stage. Children learn what things hurt, what makes them happy, etc.; the fear of heights and getting hurt is often learned early as they grow and develop.

Vital measures should be taken to conquer such fear. Getting floor beds is the right step in this direction. With floor beds in place, falling from child-sized shelving and any other object will be harmless.

No matter your child’s age, the enthusiasm to do things independently will be triggered since their safety is guaranteed. Parents are invariably a child’s biggest motivator and coach; children see them as someone they feel they can trust to make good choices to their advantage. Reinforce this trust by keeping a floor bed in their rooms.

Understand that giving children the freedom to make choices and be self-sufficient at a young age will be of great benefit in life. The possibility of your kid being timid is eliminated when you let them exercise their energetic side.

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Children need monitoring

There is a reason inscriptions like "keep away from children" abound on drugs, shampoos, and other household items. Children are naturally inquisitive; they have the instinct to try new things as part of their growing process. They may attempt to eat body cream, for instance, if left unmonitored. No rug and floor bed will keep your children safe without your inputs. Parenting is a full-fledged job, and parents must be ready to babysit or hire a babysitter.


Children are particularly vulnerable. Think of their brain as a sort of magnet that attracts whatever is close by. What they attract may make or mar them as they grew into adulthood. The parents’ first task is to ensure the dietary and nutritional needs of their children are met. They should then begin to nurture their children through mentally stimulating toys and books. Their environment must always be safe and child-friendly. A step in this direction is to get the rug, floor bed and monitor them closely.



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